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Does you theatre need help?  Dr. Rhine can provide it.


Dr. Rhine is available for consulting, and focuses his organizational audits around two general topics: Strengthening current operations by addressing immediate financial and managerial issues, and developing long-term strategy to ensure a theatre is growing in resources and reach. 


Dr. Rhine develops action plans for organizations based on proven theory and decades of expertise designed to improve theatre performance in terms of their strategy, structure, operations, revenue generation, community reach, and management.  His work stretches from administrative areas such as human resources and finance to the community reach areas of marketing and development.  Boards are encouraged to contact Dr. Rhine for a free assessment of their situation and needs.  No consulting project is too big or too small.  Because Dr. Rhine is committed to the strengthening and development of theatre, consulting services are charged at a minimal fee only to cover cost and expenses. 


Consulting services often include many of the following:

  • Surveys, interviews, focus groups, and secondary research designed to develop a real and complete picture of where your theatre fits into its local, community context as well as into the regional and national picture of the arts in general.

  • The analysis of statistical data that can inform decision-making

  • The discovery and definition of specific challenges a theatre is facing, a detail of influences on those challenges, and a clear and workable action plan for addressing them.

  • The development (in close consultation with staff and board) of strategy for long-term health and growth that is actionable, achievable, and measurable. 

  • The development of policy and procedure for day-to-day operations that will ensure a smooth, efficient and effective operation.

  • The development of a marketing plan designed to consider the data relevant to your theatre that will lead to strengthening and continuing growth in sales (this piece is often conducted with a full team of marketing clinicians).

  • Refined pricing strategies.

  • Customer service realignment.

  • Board development and training.

  • Staff development and training.

  • Volunteer program design and development.

Executive Searches

Executive Searches

Dr. Rhine and his team also can provide executive search services for finding and hiring top-level arts managers that will ensure an organization's long-term success.

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