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About Anthony Rhine

Anthony Rhine holds a Ph.D. in business administration and both bachelor's and master's degrees in theatre management.  He worked for the first two decades of his career as a theatre executive, running multi-million-dollar and Tony-nominated theatre companies.  During that time, he also wrote the librettos for over twenty produced musicals, including several that toured both nationally and internationally, and directed scores of professional productions.  For the last decade, he has consulted with numerous arts organizations looking to improve the professionalism of their operations, and he has been a professor of theatre management, focusing his research on advancing and improving theatre management education and its application in improving nonprofit theatre organizational outcomes such as increased ticket sales and unearned income.  His lectures and presentations have been heard worldwide, from Taiwan and Paris to Sydney and London, and in states stretching from Hawaii to Massachusetts and many states in between. His research has been published in the top-ranked journals of arts management, and he is author of the world’s leading textbook on theatre management, “Theatre Management: Arts Leadership for the 21st Century,” and the monograph text, "Leading the Creative Mind." 

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