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About the Book

Why a book on the topic of marketing creativity, and specifically marketing the arts?

The growth in technology and social media has had a dramatic impact on how advertisers market their products.  Consumers are constantly being bombarded with messaging campaigns at every turn.  In the arts, the event has long been the primary focus that would draw in consumers but this is no longer the case.  Consumers are attending for the social interaction at the events, but the cost of creating these unique experiences is quickly outpacing what society can afford.  As a result, a handful of practitioners have developed books that talk about marketing the arts, but they tend to be focused on exploring new promotional gimmicks or encouraging stronger advertising campaigns, without exploring modern marketing theory as it is applied in some of the world's largest companies.  For people interested in selling their creativity, promotional tricks and tools can be useful, but they are only a small portion of the marketing mix.  At its core, marketing is about product development.  This book focuses on the marketing mix as it is applied to the arts.

The eight chapters each have an immersive focus on one broad concept in marketing.  They walk through theories, how they developed, and why they operate the way they do in the 21st century.  The chapters include supporting material designed to allow the reader to consider the theories from myriad angles, and with their own perspective. The second part of each chapter allows the reader to critically analyze how the theories in the chapter apply to a real-life situation, where final decisions are to be made through application of those theories.  The cases have no right or wrong answers, only different ways to consider theory overlaid on practice.

Marketing the Arts: An Introduction is designed not to show you how to better promote the arts, it is designed to help create arts marketers.

Table of Contents at a Glance


Marketing the Arts


Marketing Strategy


Value Creation


Brands and Branding


Audience Acquisition


Distributing Creativity


Pricing Strategies


Audience Development

Other Publications

Other Publications


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